Baton Rouge Dental Implant Cost

  In order for patients to qualify for successful dental implants, they must possess an adequate strength and structure of tissue in the jawbone and gum region. Unfortunately for us, there are so many factors that hinder our ability to receive these successfully, however, Dr. Barksdale offers supplementary procedures that drastically increase patients chances for […]

Dental Implants: Age is but a Number

  Dental Implants Baton Rouge LA dentist Dr. Barksdale explains to patients that anyone, no matter their age, can qualify for dental implants with the proper supplemental procedures. The only thing that holds patients back from receiving successful dental implants is the physical state of their jawbone and gum tissue, not their age. For some reason, […]

Implant Dentist Baton Rouge

  Dental Implants Baton Rouge, LA dentist Dr. Barksdale found a silly dental implant link that he wants to share with patients, along with the importance of properly maintaining dental implants. Something fun and silly that we ran across, as fans of rugby, was dental implants with formed bottle opener crown tops. This, of course […]